Lala Maharaj is a life time, generational astrologer. He has performed more in depth personal readings and is
proficient in most branches of Classical Astrology including: Vocation, Location, Medical, Natal, Transit-Progressed, Comparative Analysis, Electional (selecting dates for important life events), Gem Selection; Fertility and Dating.
His consulting experience is vast, having read for men and women of most nations, ages and professions. He successfully matched five charts to five biographies and has solve many problems successfully related to VASTU and today also people appreciate him for the same.
His selfless service to the mankind, possessing profound knowledge and experience in field of Astrology has made him eminent.
Lala Maharaj a multi- talented personality, is an astrologer who is having trust in all round development of humanity, this uncommon personality has brought into practice his knowledge, Karma & Bhakti thereby putting an ideal for mankind in the light of which disgust moderators and the common man absorbed in, acts can find a straight and easy way to achieve their goal.
He is famous personality in SURAT city as well, who has made more than 2500 kundalis and did more than 3000 pooja’s in the past 35 years of his astrology.

Lala Maharaj all out his effort to ensure that whatever knowledge, wisdom he has attained should benefit the maximum people.

To spread the light of his knowledge he keeps moving to reach as many as possible.It is not an easy job for anyone to evaluate the heights he has reached.
He wishes to see happiness on the face of every human being. He shares his thoughts & experience to everyone he meets. His doors are open to all without any partiality.

Devotee of Shri Kashtbhanjan Dev

Having 30+ years Inherited Spiritual experience in Classical Astrology, Natal Astrology,Predictive Astrology,Relationship Astrology,Financial Astrology, Electional Astrology, Horary Astrology  following traditions from three generations of SURAT and DEVOTEE OF SHRI KASHTBHANJAN DEV Residing in SURAT now is known for making 99% accurate predictions on life issues.

Panditji says your future by seeing your Janam Kundli (birth chart), palm reading, face or photo analysis. Expert in solving any kind of your personal problem whether its related to Relationship, Career, Money and Wealth, Children, Past Life, Karma Dosha, Vastu Dosha, Graha Dosha, Black Magic, Business, Foreign Yog, Court Cases,Politics, Love Marriage,Job,Marriagelife, Health, and property.

You must have visited many astrologer in Surat but all worthless right! Don’t worry Panditji won’t disappoint you, doing his best to solve problems of your life. PanditLala Maharaj would’be answering all your questions and Astrological queries. Have trust and faith in God, as he is there to look after us.

Ensuring that any kind of problems will be solved in specific time based on person to person prediction. We’re pleased to inform you that due to Covid – 19 and repeated request of our clients we’re conducting Online Pooja facility, we have team of genuine traditional Vedic Pandits.

Clients who can’t visit personally can now enjoy benefits of our Online Astrology Consultation in Surat, sitting at your home,You can call order for Online Pooja or talk to us in Surat.

“Lala Maharaj is one of the best astrologer in surat”

– Said by All Satisfied Clients –


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જન્માક્ષર (જન્મકુંડળી), જ્યોતિષ, સત્યનારાયણ કથા, રાંદલ, વાસ્તુ પૂજાં, લગ્ન વિધિ, ચાંદલા, ખાતમુહુર્ત, મહામૃત્યુંન્જય યજ્ઞ, નવચંડી, ભાગવત કથા, લઘુરુદ્ર, ગણેશ પૂજાં, શાંતિ હવન, નવગ્રહ દોષ શાંતિ, અનુષ્ઠાન, પ્રાણ પ્રતિષ્ઠા, રુદ્ર અભિષેક માટે સંપર્ક કરો : ૯૮૨૫૪૨૪૨૬૦ (9825424260), ૯૦૯૯૨૩૨૮૨૪ (9099232824)