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Get your employment issues solved by date of birth

In a fast pace life, what needs to remain constant is your career. However career whether it’s a job, business, or any other professional always faces problems. You may be employed in the first half of the year and unemployed in the latter half. Worst case scenario you are in a job where you deserve more but not getting that promotion and increments.

While you try your best some external factors affect your employment conditions like the economy, demand, pandemic, and your birth date.

Have you ever gave a thought that your birth timing, date, location can play a significant role in the career you choose, the job you are in, the challenges you face, or whether you are unemployed.

Astrology has remedies for every aspect of your life, and thus a part of astrology where predictions can be made based on your birth date can help you understand how you can improve your employment conditions, chase your dream job, and get you to the highest point in your career.

How does your birthdate affect your career

The numbers 1 to 9  are the reason behind your unique characteristics  strength, weaknesses, capabilities, personality, and traits. The alignment and positions of planets, and stars decide what stream of the job will suits you best in your life.  

Your birth date and time make a natal chart and the 3 ruling planets, sun moon, and mars are the ones that favor your success or failures in a job.

Besides these three planets, Saturn is the key planet that has tremendous control over your career and job. One needs to take actions and steps according to the positions of these planets and have to appease them to lead in your career.

The positions of these planets in the houses of your natal charts indicate whether you will be in a business, job, partnership, artistic profession, and at which stage of life you will enjoy success at your work.

To know it in detail you must have an understanding of the numerology method which shows your number and tells you your qualities and profession according to that.

For instance, if your number is 7, 16, 25 you are a very clear-headed person with lots of ambition and creativity inside you, depending on your practical side you can be into finance, import, export, teacher or judge, on the other hand, if your creativity drives you, you can be a writer or a poet.

What can you do to improve your career

Astrology speaks a lot about which career you should choose, even the streams you should study, and routines to get the job that suits you best. The only way to overcome all the challenges you face in your career and employment condition is to follow the natal chart, understand your birth date, find out which job suits you best.

Try to pursue and work for the job that suits you best according to your birth date and it is better to consult an astrologer or numerologist to have a better understanding of your birth date’s effect on your employment condition. 

You can also take the help of astrological remedies and secrets to appease the ruling planets, Mars, Saturn, Moon, and Sun. Astrology gives thousands of solutions to reallocate the position of these planets to improve your various aspects of life, one of which is your career that has deep roots in your life and has a significant impact on your relationships.

Seek help from the best astrologer in Surat

Facing extreme situations and obstacles in your job, or are you unemployed for too long, or is it you trying so hard but still cannot crack the interview, then your one-stop solution to your employment issue is Lala Maharaj, the best astrologer in Surat and famous Jyotish to make the most suitable predictions for your future.

Moreover, find out is it Saturn, Sun, Rahu, or Ketu in the wrong houses and in the wrong positions which are stopping you to achieve success in your job.

Besides making predictions based on your birth date, he has expertise in in-depth personal readings, classical astrology like medical natal, vocation, location, important life events predictions, comparative analysis, fertility, dating, gem selection, and transit-progressed.

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