What secret qualities do you have based on your Zodiac signs

Everyone has a secret hidden quality in them whether bad or good. Different zodiac signs have different secretive qualities according to their date of birth and ruling planets. Astrology can help people know their strengths and weakness based on their qualities.

  • Aries/Mesh( March21-April20)- People born between these dates are natural-born leader, who knows how to take charge of situations. Aries ate known for their bold actions, short temper, and opinions but deep down they have sensitive hearts, hates dull and repetitive lifestyle. They are impatient and like to be adventurous when it comes to life.

  • Taurus/Vrishabh(April 21- May 20)- Taurus is known for their self-reliance and independent nature on the other hand they face difficulties when it comes to trusting people easily.  Their secret quality is they have a sixth sense for detecting lies thus they try to avoid fake people around them. They are dedicated, focused and strives for comfort.

  • Gemini/Mithun( May21-June21)- Gemini born people likes to be wild and adventurous spirit. They are curious by nature and wants to absorb knowledge at any given moment. But they can very restless, their mind can be a little chaos with constant thoughts and ideas.  They are supportive but can behave weirdly sometimes. 

  • Cancer/Kark( June21-July22)- Cancer people have a secret quality of reading people because of their incredible intuitiveness and senses. They are usually calm and generous  but at times they can be distant, irritated and uncommunicative this is when they are sad or upset. They tend to have complicated personality but has empathetic heart.

  • Leo/Singh(July23-Aug23)- People born as Leo are known for their confidence and furiousness. They likes to be  the center of attention everywhere they go but on the other hand they also want alone time to think through and clear their mind. They are competitive, spontaneous, and straightforward. They are loyal in relationships.

  • Virgo/Kanya(Aug24-Sept22)- Virgos are known to be perfectionists and analysts. They seem to be calm and have their controlled life but they can be very reckless and feel chaotic inside. Virgos are often introverted and reserved but secretly they have a wild side and can be very adventurous and fun-loving. Virgos are always there for their friends and family and love to help other people but can be very self-critical and does not like to take help from others.

  • Libra/Tula(Sept23-Oct23)-  People born between these have the secret quality of being the best advice giver and tend to be a good listeners. They are social butterflies who are calculative but sometimes they can go downhill unpredictably. Libras are clever, balanced but don’t know how to put themselves first before others.

  • Scorpio/Vrishchik(Oct24-Nov22)-  Scorpios are the most secretive zodiac signs of all this it is no surprise they have secret qualities. They seem chill and fun but they can be extremely resilient when it comes to never give up and achieving goals. They have short temper but can be calmed easily with love and tenderness. They are highly observant and notice every small details.

  • Sagittarius/ Dhanu( Nov23-Dec21)- People who are Sagittarius are honest, optimist, careful, creative, and curious. Although they are sweet, supportive, and friendly they can become very ruthless when wronged. They are spontaneous, focused, forgivers, and tend to enjoy life. They believe in living in present and thus are not afraid to take risks. People born between these dates crave freedom and thus tend to be restless and impatient.

  • Capricorn/Makar(Dec22-Jan19)- Capricorns are practical, dependable, loyal, and calculative. They are reserved and like to stay alone. They take time to open up but secretly they are fun-loving and this side of them only comes around their family and friends. They are overthinkers and tend to bottle up their feelings. They have a high standard for everything which makes them picky.

  • Aquarius/Kumbh(Jan20-Feb18)-  You will be surprised to know that Aquarius are fast learners and have a sponge for wisdom. They have strong opinions but embraces change. They have a angry and rebellious aide to themselves. People born between these dates are ambitious, dedicated and hardworking. They are independent but emotional which they hide from others.

  • Pisces/Meen(Feb19-March20)- Pisces are known for their good heart, supportive nature, and sweetness. They are artistic and creative. What is surprising about them is they have a competitive side which helps them chase their dreams. They are emotional creature thus they are dreamers and escapists. They have fear of rejection and cannot stay alone for long time.

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