Will Astrology needs before buying Property?Astrology

Will Astrology needs before buying Property?

Owning property is a dream of all, but many times we experience in life that one person keeps struggling for one roof in his entire life and other one has places to live and land to build empire, there must be some basic difference between these two group of people. It just don’t matter you are rich or poor, becoming a property owner may be difficult task for many.

Even if you’re rich and have a strong bank balance, don’t misunderstood that buying a home or land will be easy job for you, though you can hire the best realtor in city. The money minded and If you are rich and have a very strong bank balance, do not think that buying a home or land will be a cakewalk for you, though you can hire better than the best realtor. The money-minded and greedy realtor will rather befool you and will try to rob money from you cleverly. And, you may end up buying a disputed property.

However, if you’re poor, and think that you’re not eligible to own property as you cannot afford the high fees of a realtor.Then, who can come to your assistance under these two cases? To address these, one of best astrologer in Surat gave very useful insights on how astrology helps and needs before buying any property.

Planets responsible or support owning property.

As per Vedic astrology, the Lord of the fourth house and Lagan and its Lord are  important factors that depicts the destiny of your property possession. Also , other planets, such as Venus, Jupiter, and Moon, play a  governing role. The fourth house in the natal chart shows the place or home you currently reside. Among all the planets, Mars is considerable for land, and Venus a beautiful house.  

The first house in your chart throw light on your attitudes, manners, identity , etiquettes etc. So you will be choosing a house that relates to your views and personality. The 2nd house that relates to your wealth and saving, if you want to buy a house, you should have good money. The 4th house shows your place of residence. The 11th house shows your income and gain. This will help you predict when you will have enough money to buy a house. 

Planets and Age of Buying property.

Mars and Sun are the planets that will allows you to purchase a house in yours 40’s. Jupiter will allow you to buy a house in your mid 30 ‘s . Saturn and Ketu together  may help you buy a house after you cross the age of 44 or 52 years.  Both Venus and Rahu or Moon in chart by itself can help you buy a house at an early age of your life.

Even though Mars is a major indicator for your house ownership in astrology,  its presence in the fourth house may make your house exposed to fire.  Moon in 4th house boost your chances of buying a home, whereas Ketu and Sun will give you a weak house, and jupiter will give you give you an secure and strong home. Sun placed in the 4th house indicates that you will own a straw hut, and incase Saturn and Rahu governs the 4th house, you are likely to get an old house.  Venus and Mercury provides you a beautiful house, and if Venus and moon are situated in 4th house you will be an owner of multi-storeyed house.

There are times when you might face, problems related to property. Some astrolgical factors signify a loss of property also. There may be at risk of buying property, when 4th house ruler lies in the 3rd house  and some other related planetary positions. Thus, Shri Lala Maharaj  the best property astrologer in Surat can answer your questions, “When I will have my own house ?’, or right time or yog for purchasing property in a kundli. So, don’t worry  these predictions can help you when you should prepare yourself to buy a home or property. Some common question ask in astrology to purchase own property.

Q Do birth details, helps to purchase own house

Ans: It will be more accurate to predict that you will own or not a home as per astrology. That means astrology not only guides you buy a property, but also enables you to live mutually with your family in it.

Q—  Can we know best time to invest in property according to horoscope?

Ans: Yes, definitely ! But you need to give your 100% details, like date of birth, place of birth and timings, to an astrologer. Based on these details the astrologer can let you  with the best time to invest in a property.

QDo we see property disputes from a horoscope?

DVB: Why not! If it can help you to purchase a house, it can also help in legal disputes as well.

Q—: Do astrology tell about getting inherited or parental property also? 

Ans: Yes, it can., but individual should have a strong inheritance yog in his horoscope.

Q— Do Astrology  help a person in the purchase and sale of a property?

Ans:  Yes, Astrology helps 100% for purchase or sale of a property. So, individual must consult an expert astrologer before  purchasing or selling a property.

Shri Lala Maharaj one of the top best astrologer in Surat India, will surely clear your doubts on how to buy property using your kundli or birth chart. You can contact him for more  astrological guidance through his website https://www.lalamaharaj.com or call his office on +91 9825424260

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