Build Your Janm Kundli (Horoscope) by The Best Astrologer in Suar, India

@ 500/- per Single Kundli


Kundli or we can say horoscope is a birth chart of a person. when a child takes birth on the earch, at that moment by observing the positions of all 9 planets and 27 stars and many other things a Chart is being prepared that is known as Horoscope or Kundli 

Why we need Kundli ?

Whatever problems you are facing or already you had face that all can be predict from your kundli. and in the same way it can be solved also by having some Pooja for that or wearing necessary stone mentioned in your kundli.

Features of The Kundli

-> Available in Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi and Telugu

-> You can pick up within 24 hours

-> You can get the best information for your Kundli In Person (While you come for the pick up)

-> If there is any Pooja required as per your kundli, you can also get information about it

-> 500/- Rs. is the only charge for Single Kundli

જન્માક્ષર (જન્મકુંડળી), જ્યોતિષ, સત્યનારાયણ કથા, રાંદલ, વાસ્તુ પૂજાં, લગ્ન વિધિ, ચાંદલા, ખાતમુહુર્ત, મહામૃત્યુંન્જય યજ્ઞ, નવચંડી, ભાગવત કથા, લઘુરુદ્ર, ગણેશ પૂજાં, શાંતિ હવન, નવગ્રહ દોષ શાંતિ, અનુષ્ઠાન, પ્રાણ પ્રતિષ્ઠા, રુદ્ર અભિષેક માટે સંપર્ક કરો : ૯૮૨૫૪૨૪૨૬૦ (9825424260), ૯૦૯૯૨૩૨૮૨૪ (9099232824)