In Vaastu shastra the directions are the very most important subject. Without knowing the directions of a land or house we cannot find out anything either positive or negative impacts as per vaastu shastra. Directions are nothing but EYE of a human body. Eyes are the most important for humans, like wise directions also important in Vaastu Shastra. For example Doctor’s always having the stethoscope to find out the patient health condition, without stethoscope he won’t do practice, without knowing anything about patient how can he prescribe medicines or further checkups. Likewise without knowing the directions of a property nobody can find anything there.

If we done any mistake in finding the directions of a property, it means the mistakes and it will continue till completion of the property and it leads to negative results to the residents and their next generations too. So it is very important to find the correct person who is having the complete knowledge of VAASTU Shastra and who is having experience too. In such case Lala Maharaj is the person who is having the experience of more than 35 years in same field.

He will help you and guide you to find the right directions. Also if you are facing any kind of issue in your house related to the directions than Lala Maharaj will guide you in a very right way. As VAASTU is such thing in which we cannot afford any mistake because one mistake can lead to the disaster and which will create very bad impact on our lifes.

So for such important thing we must consult an expert as well as experience person.

Vastu Shastra Services

Vastu shastra is classical science of construction and architecture, that is based on the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and structural geometry.

Our Vastu services

Vastu Consultancy Services for Residential Property

- Vastu for Bungalow
- Apartment
- Flat
- Row House
- Farm House
- Pent House & other residential property
- Room Vastu
- Kichen Vastu
- Main Room Vastu
- Bedroom Vastu

Vastu Consultancy Services for Commercial Property

- Vastu for business
- office
- Office buildings
- Shop
- Shopping malls
- Factory
- mill
- production house
- Godown
- Hotels
- Public houses
- Restaurants,
- School
- College
- Medical centers
- Institutes
- Hospitals
- Etc...

Vastu Consultancy Services for Open Property

- Vastu for Open Plot
- open land
- Farm

જન્માક્ષર (જન્મકુંડળી), જ્યોતિષ, સત્યનારાયણ કથા, રાંદલ, વાસ્તુ પૂજાં, લગ્ન વિધિ, ચાંદલા, ખાતમુહુર્ત, મહામૃત્યુંન્જય યજ્ઞ, નવચંડી, ભાગવત કથા, લઘુરુદ્ર, ગણેશ પૂજાં, શાંતિ હવન, નવગ્રહ દોષ શાંતિ, અનુષ્ઠાન, પ્રાણ પ્રતિષ્ઠા, રુદ્ર અભિષેક માટે સંપર્ક કરો : ૯૮૨૫૪૨૪૨૬૦ (9825424260), ૯૦૯૯૨૩૨૮૨૪ (9099232824)