All Problems you are facing right now, Either is about your Job, Marriage, Business Or Anything, It can be solved if you do all the necessary process mentioned in your kundli.
In Vaastu shastra the directions are the very most important subject. Without knowing the directions of a land or house we cannot find out anything either positive or negative...
You are at the right place if you want to do any type of religious pooja like Satyanarayan Katha, Vaastu, Navchandi, Gruh Shanti, Marriage, Engagement, Kundli Dosh Nivaran.

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Know Your Future Prediction and Success Solution by Astrologer in Surat. Panditji says your future by seeing your Janam Kundli (birth chart), palm reading, face or photo analysis. Expert in solving any kind of your personal problem whether its related to Relationship, Career, Money and Wealth…

Welcome to Dr Milan Kumar AstrologyKnow Your Future Prediction and Success Solution by Astrologer in Surat

Dr Milan Kumar is a globally reputed and recognized astrology service known for providing accurate birth chart (kundali) analysis and future predictions.

His consulting style will give you a unique experience. He gives all his clients a friendly environment so that no one hesitates with their problems...


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1 to 1 Guidance
Future Prediction, business, career, finance, Education, Health, Home, Money, and mental peace.

100% genuine gemstone recommendation you should wear, based on your birth chart and planetary position in your horoscope  for best outcomes.

Match Making
Perfect life partner for marriage after indepth matching kundli of both gila and boy.

Vastu Consultation
Accurate vastu consultation after study of your residential or commercial property.

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Poojas are believed to be more fruitful than any other astrological remedies, as it produce more positive effects and influence person’s life for betterment. Poojas performed by qualified pundits in the right way is said to be very effective.

All Kind of Puja Related to Horoscope
– जन्मकुंडली से सबंधित सभी पूजाए
Navchandi Yagna and Shatchandi Yagna for Maa Durga – माता दुर्गा के नवचंडी यज्ञ और शतचंडी यज्ञ
Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja / Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja
– कालसर्प दोष पूजा / पितृदोष निवारण पूजा
Ganesh Puja / Satyanarayan Katha / Opening Puja
– गणेशपूजा / सत्यनारायण कथा / खातमुहूर्त पूजा
Mantra Chanting of Planets – ग्रहों के मंत्र जाप
Pran Pratishtha Puja – प्राण प्रतिष्ठा पूजा
Computerized Horoscope and Handwritten Horoscope – कंप्यूटर जन्मकुंडली और हाथ से लिखी हुयी जन्मकुंडली
Laghu Rudra Puja and Maha Rudra Puja of Lord Shiva – भगवान शिव की लघुरुद्र पूजा और महारुद्र पूजा
Ganesh Yag Yagna for Lord Ganesha
– भगवान गणेश का गणेशयाग यज्ञ
Navgrah Dosh Homam / Sarvdosh Nivaran Homam
– नवग्रह दोष यज्ञ / सर्वदोष निवारण यज्ञ
Putra Kameshthi Homam / Santan Gopal Homam
– पुत्र कामेष्ठी यज्ञ / संतान गोपाल यज्ञ
Vastu Yagna / Vastu Puja – वास्तु यज्ञ / वास्तु पूजा
Rudra Abhishek of Lord Shiva
– भगवान शिव का रूद्र अभिषेक
Vastu for Home, Office and Factory – घर, ऑफिस और फेक्टरी का वास्तु

45 Years & 10,000+ Astrology Consultation

With an extensive experience of 45 years and 10,000 + astrology consultations, you will get accurate future prediction  and guidance on topics like – career, finance, health, relationships etc. We conduct complete research by studying the characteristics of nakshatras to analyse their effects on the grahas (planets) in their domain.

Jyotish Acharya Lala Maharaj is a Top Astrologer in Surat and thousand of  people from  India, Canada, United States, Dubai and Africa have benefited by his astrological prediction and guidance.


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