All Pooja


Pooja is a very common word. Hearing to same the very first thing come in a mind is BHAGWAN, the other is PEACE. We always pray to get peace to get close to our god. But sometimes pooja by us is not get enough to fight with every problem, we have to take the help of experts in the same. As what we does is with the complete heart but sometime might the way gets wrong and due to which we are unable to reach the goals.

Pooja is not only of one type or it is not just done for one purpose. The purposes are different all the times such as, suppose we are having good news, we prefer pooja. we put into some problem we do pooja. when we enable to reach our goal we prefer pooja. But sometimes we need the expert who can guide us to do the pooja in an appropriate way, whether the pooja is related to any topic.

Lala Maharaj is having the experince of 35 years in his life for doing all kind of pooja's and also he has did 3000 pooja's in the period of his life. He is expert in doing all kinds of pooja's whether it relates to Baby shower, Marraiges etc. He also does the yagn (to get rid of all the sins, or whether it relates to spirit). He has also solved many of problems related to VAASTU and Kundali dosh doing yagn and pooja's. As VAASTU is very much important factor in everyone's life to stay in peace and Lala Maharaj is one of the person who has did such pooja's and has solve many of problems related the same.

જન્માક્ષર (જન્મકુંડળી), જ્યોતિષ, સત્યનારાયણ કથા, રાંદલ, વાસ્તુ પૂજાં, લગ્ન વિધિ, ચાંદલા, ખાતમુહુર્ત, મહામૃત્યુંન્જય યજ્ઞ, નવચંડી, ભાગવત કથા, લઘુરુદ્ર, ગણેશ પૂજાં, શાંતિ હવન, નવગ્રહ દોષ શાંતિ, અનુષ્ઠાન, પ્રાણ પ્રતિષ્ઠા, રુદ્ર અભિષેક માટે સંપર્ક કરો : ૯૮૨૫૪૨૪૨૬૦ (9825424260), ૯૦૯૯૨૩૨૮૨૪ (9099232824)