So many times just because of men’s ego, the cases of affliction increases. So many reasons automatically got built; who wants to stay separated they got number of reasons. In our Hindu religion, Marriage is an important sanskar of life. Yoga of marriage is already there in everyone’s life but in them there are some of karakas which delays the marriage.

In Astrology Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are known as the reason of marriage delay. In horoscope, the availability of Inauspicious or Cruel planets in the seventh house or weakness of Saptamesh (Lord of 7th house) and the factor planet Jupiter and Venus is the reason of marriage problems. Marriage is a part of life, and without marriage every boy and girl feels their life incomplete. But Married Life is considered perfect only if there is Trust, Love and Loyalty in the relationship.

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There are some cases in which there is Love, Trust and Loyalty although the couple should have to suffer so many ups and down in the relationship and the reason behind such ups and down is Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Nakshatras of their Horoscope.

Some basic facts that are the reason of divorce are mentioned as follow:

  • If there is Yuti between Dwadashes seated in the seventh house and Rahu, Divorce happens.
  • If there is Yuti between Saptmesh seated in the 12th house and Rahu, Divorce happens.
  • If there is Yuti between Dwadashes seated in the fifth house and Rahu, Divorce happens.

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